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The Reality of The £10 Per Hour Solo Cleaner

Posted on December 1, 2019 at 9:20 AM Comments comments (32451)
The reality of a Solo £10per hour cleaner... We see it all the time on Facebook pages- price shoppers and solo cleaners offering their services for £10-£12 per hour. But I think it's time the reality of this was put out there! The professional cleaning industry is suffering because of this and the hard work people are doing is completely under valued. So here goes... Solo cleaner- £10ph Using clients products and hoover etc 3 cleans per day at 2 hours each= £60 Travel time between cleans say 45 mins per day. Working hours is 6.75hr per day Also let's take into account their time spent marketing their business, replying to emails and customer messages, running their social media page and maybe a website, banking, accounts, phone bill and fuel, clothing to work in and other expenses such as insurance. (That's if they are insured, because believe it or not this isn't required by law!) Let's estimate this to be a further 3 hours per week work and a cost of £50 (that's a very conservative estimate!) So hours worked in a week if theyre out cleaning for 4 days =30hours Income £240 Minus £50 expenses =£190 £190 dived by 30 hours work is just £6.33 per hour!! If they provide cloths, products or any equipment, take a bit more off. So does someone charging £12 per hour earn National Living Wage?? The answer is no. On the same equations they're earning £7.93per hour. And they generally do supply products and cloths so their expenses are higher and probably putting them on less than the £10ph cleaner at closer to just £6 per hour. Oh, and they're not even getting any paid holiday! An employed worker receives holiday pay at a rate of 12.07% of hours worked. If this is worked on National Living wage of £8.21 so a self employed person would need to be earning a NET hourly rate of at LEAST £9.20 per hour to compensate for no holiday pay. So in real terms they are working for just 2 thirds of what they're entitled to by law if they were employed. Around £3 less an hour than national living wage, doing a hard and physically straining job. Would you be happy earning that? Are you happy paying someone that? If you wonder why your cleaner is not turning up or is quitting cleaning all together, it's probably because they've realised, it just isn't worth their time. This is a huge issue in the cleaning industry and the service is undervalued massively. So, SO many people set up a little cleaning business and they set themselves up to fail. Because so many people are blindly willing to work for this unsustainable amount of money. Now clients have come to expect it so when a legitimate cleaning business charges a legitimate price we are questioned on it. A proper service WILL cost more but you also get so much more value by using a proper company. We spend time researching, training our staff, developing ourselves and doing our best to do things the right way. Look for a cleaning business that has some credentials such as Domestic Cleaning Alliance membership, DCBN, Check-a-Trade or something similar. As members we have to provide proof of HMRC registration, proof of insurance and also proof of some basic industry qualifications. Lets start valuing the cleaning industry. Its a valuable service, giving people their time back to spend with their families, creating better wellbeing and hygiene within your home. And let me tell you, its bloody hard work!

MBM Property

Posted on September 2, 2014 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (26163)

We are now on the list of registered tradesmen for MBM Property Derby. We will be carrying out our super end of tenancy cleans for their portfolio of properties around Derby. 

About Me!

Posted on June 21, 2014 at 5:55 PM Comments comments (18525)

About me!

Domestic Dreams was foundered by myself, Laura Surga. My original background is within retail management and customer services. After having my little boy I didn't want to go back into retail management as the working hours no longer suited my new lifestyle as a mother.

I got a job as a domestic cleaner, for a bit of extra money and because the working hours fitted perfectly around my son.

I didn't expect to enjoy it as much as I did! The longer I worked as a cleaner, the more I thought I could do this for myself and set up my own business. And offer something more than so many other cleaning companies, which is really good customer service!

So... Domestic Dreams was born, and it has taken off better than I could ever have expected.

I already have some lovely regular customers, some five star ratings on and some exciting plans for the future of Domestic Dreams.